IT & Telecom project-based consulting

In the digital age, it’s all about data and end-user experience. Over the last decade, we’ve seen significant development in the area of technology. That paved the way and created a need for IT experts or telecom consultants to assist businesses with cutting-edge technologies.

The focus used to be on wired communication and telephone systems in the past. Nowadays, the platforms used in this industry have reached far beyond these limits, expanding to mobile, radio, video and different forms of digital communication, which have a significant impact on several industries. Of course, this also implies the need for IT professionals.

That is why we can support you with IT specialists such as:

  • System/Solution Architects;
  • Project Managers;
  • Business Analysts, Java Developers;
  • .NET Developers;
  • Testers/QA (manual or automation);
  • System Administrators;
  • Data/IP Engineers.

You could also benefit from the consultancy and expertise of our DevOps Engineers, Data Analysts and Data Warehouse/BI Developers, when pursuing your new projects!

Our consultants can define the direction, do the road mapping, set up the methodology and perform the implementation together with your existing team. Project based consultants add value through their deep experience with specific technologies. Most of our professionals have more than 5 years experience in their craft.

Some of their main responsibilities revolve around:

    • Management, supervision, and provision of various applications.
    • The thorough documentation of inquiries, plans, and other mentions. Nonetheless, this implies also reporting all of the above.
    • Identifying all the end-user needs/requirements.
    • Providing the necessary technology in order to meet the demand.
    • Receiving all the feedback.

For lower skilled specialists, we can support you with further staff augmentation on time & materials basis (body leasing). Once you have contracted the candidate, our specialist will immerse with your existing team members and work together as a united team. The advantage of this solution is that you gain a better management and control over the number of dispatch operative professionals on site.