After all is said and done, you may still find yourself asking ”But why IntelSol? What makes them different?” Both of these are great questions, and we are here to answer them!

One of the important things to know right from the start is that we are able to “fill the gaps” in your capacity or capability to accelerate your projects. With an experienced recruitment team we are able to mobilise professionals who are ready to take on the challenge of a low staff supply.

Though, we do not prioritize quantity over quality, and the large number of IT & Telecom staff does not make up for any possible lacking knowledge. In other words, we take pride in our extensive experience in IT and the Telecommunication industries.

We have a great and extensive understanding of every customer’s needs. After more than 15 years of experience in this industry, we have acquired the competence to understand your technical requests and all the details given to us.

But, at the end of the day, IntelSol is one great, large team and nurturing our specialists with all the necessary information is one of our main duties. We keep a close communication with a continuously growing pool of engineers and always provide them with the requested technical support, if needed.

So even though you might meet a single IntelSol crew at your establishment, know that the company is constantly providing further help, just so your needs are met.

We keep a close eye on the market as well, continuously researching in order to keep up the pace and update our team with the latest practices of other companies. Undoubtedly, in an easily-changing environment, our technology needs to constantly adapt.

We provide all of our resources with the right experience, technical competence, great attitude, professional trainings, certificates and advanced English skills.

Last but not least, we follow a strict process in order to submit you the most suitable candidates, with soft and hard skills. We have implemented an Information Security Management System ISO 27001 and we are, of course, GDPR compliant.

Your data have been always safe with us!

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