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Telecom Infrastructure

Founded in 2007



European Countries

Agile technology consultants on-demand!

IntelSol is a company specialised in providing agile IT and Telecommunications, consulting services in Romania and abroad, for multinational and niche companies. We strongly believe in being a trusted technology consulting partner for our clients, with a high focus on quality and time devoted to accomplishing all targets.

That is why at IntelSol, we value integrity, flexibility, and passion for our industry!


Enable customers to scale their teams with Romanian technology specialists.

We aim to enable our customers to scale their teams with Romanian technology  specialists, while supporting them through project-based IT & Telecommunication services. We have delivered these high-value technology consulting services across a broad range of industries including Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication, Retail and Pharmaceutical.

Founded back in 2007 in Bucharest, Romania, we pride ourselves on having had a portfolio of over 20 major clients since we have started, and thus having been present in 8 European countries. Needless to say, thanks to more than 400 specialists gathered over the years, who have been working tirelessly in order to handle all demands, IntelSol has gained a revenue of over 2 million euros.

Success may look different for every company. While our results and achievements are a testament to our devotion of always providing quality services, we trust that our greatest triumph resides in reaching peak performance and new untapped markets!



We believe that fast delivery and short decision paths are crucial for success.


Tailor-made services for specific technology needs and power resources.


We believe that the passionate driven experts have the greatest impact.

IntelSol believes in being a trusted technology consulting partner for our clients with a high focus on quality and time.

Our markets

Our common beliefs and values share a strong foundation, based on our pursue to reach beyond Romanian grounds. That is the main reason why we have a particular focus on the European Union countries. Due to the ease of traveling abroad, the imperceivable time zone difference of 1 hour and the cultural affinity among fellow neighbouring countries, these proved to be fruitful collaborations.

From the day IntelSol was born until nowadays, we have succeeded in signing contracts with major telecom equipment vendors, prime telecom contractors, large banks and pharmaceutical companies in Romania, Scandinavia and Western European countries. We aim to continue the journey of spreading our technology and expertise in many more fitting markets, where innovation is always needed.

Latest Assignments

Analist Aplicatii Informatice, 5+ years experience

Cautam Analisti pentru Aplicatii IT, in domeniul bancar, care sa se alature echipelor clientului nostru, o banca multinationala din top 10 in Romania.


Senior Java Developer, 6+ years experience

We are looking for Java Developers who will participate in the development and maintenance of our banking client’s application.


DevOps Engineer, 4+ years experience

We are looking for DevOps Engineers who will join our client’s team and work according to Agile methodology and work with the following technologies: PowerShell, SQL, Windows, MS SQL, Windows Server (2016/2019)


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