Telecom infrastructure rollout & maintenance

From the beginning, we have been involved in various Telecom infrastructure rollout and maintenance projects - construction, rigging, installation & commissioning and project management – both fixed and mobile networks.

We can provide fully equipped teams or just the resources with the right experience and different responsibilities – i.e. teams supervision, safety equipment, accommodation, cars, tools, measurement & test equipment, test phones, etc. The price models can be work or time based, depending on our customers’ requests.

Mobile Networks

At the core of IntelSol telecommunications experience is the implementation of new mobile radio access networks and the upgrade of existing mobile networks. We have rolled out over 1000 RAN Sites and upgraded more than 3000 sites in various locations across Europe.

Over the last years, our teams have installed and swapped thousands of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), SDH, PDH, IP and hybrid microwave radio from various vendors, like Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia Siemens Networks, ZTE, Alcatel Lucent, Ceragon, NEC and Siae.

We are able to provide also the OMC engineers who together with the field personnel can handle all the process for integrating the new equipment or reconfigure the existing ones.

Our capabilities consist in:

Telecom infrastructure rollout

  • Rigging and installation for a mobile network site, including antenna systems, repeaters, antenna amplifiers (TMA, ALNA and duplex filters), RRU, fibre optics or feeders, connectors, power supply units, etc,
  • Dismantle old equipment and prepare the site for swap;
  • RF measurements with Site Master Anritsu (DTF, VSWR, Return Loss, etc);
  • Base Station Installation, Commissioning and Integration;
  • Installation & commissioning for microwave point to point links, SDH or PDH and point to multipoint;

Fiber optics networks / FTTH

The ever-increasing need for high bandwidth, longer transmission distances and security means fibre is now more popular than ever before. Network backbones and building links are typical of applications using fibre as are high security areas utilising fibre to desk specifications. We can provide a diverse amount of services within the fibre optic industry to suit our clients’ needs from multi-mode to single-mode fibre cabling, fusion splicing termination, OTDR testing, commissioning, patching and maintenance

The cabling industry has changed dramatically in the past few years. IntelSol has stayed current with this evolving technology. We use the most modern equipment allowing us to test Category 6 cable installations up to 1 Gig.

During recent years, IntelSol’s FTTH teams installed more than 1200 house-holds mainly in Scandinavia.

Our capabilities:

  • Install the ducts and fibre optics in trenches;
  • Install the fibre optics aerial;
  • Install the Ericsson Micro net and Ribbonet micro-ducts in the buildings;
  • Install the fibre optic cabling – Multi-Mode and Single-Mode;
  • Blow the fibre optics;
  • Splice and connect the fibre in rack;
  • Install the cabinet and racks, 19”;
  • Patch cable installations;