Outsourced IT & Telecom support, maintenance & development services

According to an official report, Romania is the ideal outsourcing country thanks to its lower costs and its rich supply of IT specialists with excellent technical and linguistic skills.

Why outsource to Romania?

  • mature IT & Telecom business processes;
  • over 100.000 IT&C specialists at national level;
  • more than 3500 IT graduates yearly;
  • part of European Union - easy to travel and work within EU;
  • in top 10 globally in number of certified specialists;
  • easy communications due to a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure;
  • good English speakers;
  • close to Western European culture;
  • 2-3 hours travel time from Western Europe;
  • Normal business hours are the same (CET+1);
  • cost effective solutions due to lower salaries in Romania.

We can provide outsourced services for Infrastructure management and Software applications.

Infrastructure management

  • network services (24/7/265 monitoring; network management; telephony management)
  • data-centre services (systems management, monitoring, storage management, database administration)
  • optical SDH, WDM active equipment (Adva, Ciena, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson)
  • IP nodes (mainly Cisco routers and switches - all series)

Software applications


  • Time & materials projects - we assign our specialists in a project but for a certain period of time – usually at least 6 months. Normally, the project management is performed by our client representatives;
  • Turnkey projects - we can offer solutions covering all stages – project planning, monitoring, requirements, programming, testing, training, implementation. We have a project manager who acts also as a Single Point of Contact with our client Product Owner


  • We can offer the technical teams, having various specialisations in different technologies, who can implement improvements or corrective maintenance for certain software solutions. Our maintenance/support services can be “on-site” or remotely, from our office in Bucharest.